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Our Lady of the Southern Cross College

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As a Christ-centred community, at Our Lady of the Southern Cross College we uphold the values of justice, integrity and equality. We aim to provide students with a lifelong education that supported those ideals. We trust that our students will become good men and women who proudly believe in these values, and who are prepared to demonstrate them in their day to day life through respect for themselves, and for others.

Therefore, as a member of Our Lady of the Southern Cross College’s community:
1. I will behave in such a way as to allow others to teach and learn.
2. I will respect others and treat them courteously.
3. I will behave in a way that ensures my safety and that of others.
4. I will care for and protect property belonging to other people, the College and myself.
5. I will show respect for my College by presenting myself appropriately at all times.
6. I will make amends to others, and myself, for inappropriate behaviour choices.

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