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Our Lady of the Southern Cross College

Leadership Team

Peter Cuskelly – College Principal



Brian Hobson – Deputy Principal



Cate Brennan – Assistant Principal Mission



Melissa Hobson – Assistant Principal Teaching and Learning


Coordinators, Directors of Teaching and Learning and Directors of Students

Sport Coordinator – Timothy Lincoln

Cultural Coordinator – Libby Baxter

Director of Students – Senior Years – Wendy Rea

Director of Students – Middle Years – TBC

Director of T&L – Junior Years – Kathy Morgan

Director of T&L – Middle Years – Anne O’Reilly

Director of T&L – Senior Years – Tanuja Vakade

Director of T&L – Student Services – Melissa Irwin

Director of T&L – Andrea Gormley

College Counselor - Luke Holmes

Office Staff and School Officers

Business Manager - Elizabeth Kuruilaca

Principal's Assistant - Nicole Bryers

Office Staff - Tracey Boland, Jo Bourne and Amy Stevens,

IT - Shamnad Allikuty, Brodie Ryan (trainee) and Kurtis Sankey (casual)

Learning Support - Sandy Biss, Jo Bradford, Kerry Cuddihy, Jo Kucks, Aleicia Lockhart, Donna Nothdurft, Donna Sloan, Tania Stephen, Kasey Wilkins, Belinda Griffiths, Kylie Clarke, Myrene Bonagua

Prep - Michelle Imhoff

Library - Michelle Foster and Matthew Leach

Tuckshop - Joan Chalmers and Kathy Crump

Grounds - Leigh Trenham and Lachlan Michael

Science Laboratory - April Strand

Health and Safety - Sarah Lilburne

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