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Our Lady of the Southern Cross College

Student Leaders

Student Leadership for 2018

College Captains:   Lachlan Malone     Laura Cook


Prefects:   Levi Kraut   Shivai Vakade   Claudia Nothdurft   Mya Vadasz


House Leaders:


Junior:   Samuel Luck   Maddison Pascoe

Senior:   James Hegedus   Joshua Halling


Junior:   Abbey Bradley   Kaitlyn Harms

Senior:   Patrick Sankey   Eliza Bradford


Junior:   Jake Ogilvie   Olivia Koehler

Senior:   Daniel Gillespie   Georgia Ryan


Junior:   William Cook   Cameron Bee

Senior:   Sam Welsh   Sarah Staheli


Cultural Leaders:   Hannah Justins   Mikayla Leahy


Student Representative Council:      

Year 6:   Travis Tia   Alexandra Hobson   Rohan Cartwright   Amelia McNaughton

Year 7:   Dean Clapperton   William Elder   Deneze Catbagan   Zahra Manteit

Year 8:   Trent Young   Kelii Leahy  Clare Griffiths   Claudia Henderson   Bonnie McKay

Year 9:   Clancy Biggar and Hugh Clarke

Year 10:    Vivi Vadasz   Kacy Miaco   Margot Gleeson   Zoe Fitzgerald

Year 11:   Laura May

Year 12:   Tessa Hanrahan   Hannah Bumstead    Jaymee Cooper

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