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Nepal Immersion Tour 2017

During September 2017, 12 senior students, 6 staff and 1 parent from the College had the amazing experience of visiting Nepal as part of the Immersion Tour which was led by Stephanie Woollard. Stephanie is an Australian woman and is the founder of Seven Women, an organisation which helps improve the lives of Nepalese women by upskilling them to produce items that are sold abroad.

Stephanie was the guide for the entire 11 day tour.

Through Seven Women, the group was able to share their certain gifts and talents with the many women at the Fair Trade Centre, a place that has grown from one small office to a 5 or 6 storey building. At the Fair Trade Centre, women can bring their home made items in which are sold all around the world, the profits then going back to the women to help them provide their children with education. These many talented women make things such as shoes, felt items, clothing and tablecloths, to name a few, and from the tour group, there were many students and adults who were able to impart their special talents to help these amazing and grateful women.

 The group also visited local villages seeing firsthand how Nepalese families live and the struggles they face every day. They visited two schools, NAG School and Amrit School and enjoyed the interaction with the young children. A visit to the Fred Hollows Centre showed how this dedicated and committed Australian man helped restore vision in so many people in Nepal. The group got to watch an operation from behind a glass barrier, an eyewitness experience of how a life can be changed thanks to Fred Hollows.

There was also time for just being tourists and the group enjoyed visiting local temples to learn about the history, culture and religion of local people, there was bartering in the market places while shopping for souvenirs and an Art Class in Bhaktapur.

The students remarked on their new found love of home cooking after eating many curries with some swearing they would never eat curry again!

During the 11 days in Nepal, the group experienced life in a third world country which helped to heighten the student’s sense of social justice. The experience brought about the reality that as citizens of Australia, we really are so lucky. Many of the students remarked on how they will now show more gratitude for the things we often take for granted such as education and a secure and loving family environment.

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