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Our Lady of the Southern Cross College


If your child is absent from school, please notify the College Office by 9am on the first day.

If you do not advise the College Office of your child's absence, you will be contacted via SMS  or if necessary, by direct call to notify you of your child's absence to ensure your child is absent with parent consent.

Absences can also be advised via Skoolbag.

Click below for instructions on how to download the Skoolbag App.

Students who arrive late for school must report to the College Office to sign in. A written explanation is expected and if not provided, must be returned to the College the following day.

Early departure from school is only permitted with parental permission via a letter to the class teacher or other written consent. This must be acknowledged at the College Office and the student must sign out on departure.

If your child becomes unwell or injured at school, they may be sent to Sick Bay with teacher or supervisors permission. The College follows strict procedure when managing students in Sick Bay.

Should your child require medication at school, please see below for guidelines. To discuss your child's medical needs, please see the staff at the College Office for the correct procedure

If a child requires medication throughout the day, the following procedure must be followed:

  • Parent is required to fill in a Student Medication Record / Register
  • ALL Medication must be labelled by a Pharmacist and Medical Practitioner with correct dosage on the label
  • Parent to hand Medication and form to the College Office staff
Skoolbag Download Instructions Medications Record Form

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