College Sport

The College’s Sport Program has a key focus on “what we do, we do it well”. There are three aspects to Sport at the College, Inter House Carnivals, Representative Trials and Team Sports.

Inter House Carnivals

The three-major carnivals each year are the Inter House Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics Carnivals. All students are able to compete in any events they wish to nominate in. There are no nomination limits or qualifying standards. All events contribute to House Points for our four houses – MacKillop, McAuley, Nolan and Rice.

Representative School Sport

Students in the Under 9-12 Age Group have the opportunity to attend Bunya District and Darling Downs School Sports Trials along with Toowoomba Catholic Schools Sports Association Competitions. Students in the Under 13-19 Age Group attend Inner Downs District and Darling Downs School Sports Trials.

Team Sports

The College is a part of the Queensland Combined Independent Schools (QCIS) Sports Competition. There are only five other schools across the Darling Downs in the QCIS Sports Group.

The two major sports competitions the College competes in each year are the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Rugby League (QISSRL) known as the Confraternity Shield and the Queensland Independent Secondary Schools Netball Carnival (QISSN). Both of these events have a proud history and are held annually in the June / July school holidays.

Touch Football, Rugby Sevens and Volleyball are the other sporting codes the College has been very successful in over a number of years. These sports have either weekly and/or state-wide competitions that teams train for and compete at.

QCIS Sport

The College has joined the Queensland Combined Independent Schools Sports Group (QCIS). This will be a fantastic opportinity for the students at the College to compete against quality opposition on a regular basis throughout the year. Three major carnivals are held each year in Swimming , Cross Country and Athletics. This is for students from Under 10- through to the Under 18 Age Group for both boys and girls. Netball and Rugby Sevens also have carnivals each year running for students in the high school.  


Schools involed in the QCIS Group are:

  • Toowoomba Anglican College (TAS)
  • Concordia College
  • Downlands College
  • Scots PGC College Warwick
  • Our Lady of the Southern Cross College