STEM Robotics

The College utilizes a collection of robotic equipment to compliment the curriculum across all Year levels. Robotics is about teaching the Design, Development and Evaluation (DDE) cycle. This links into the new ACARA Digital Technology curriculum.

The College resources in Robotics includes;

  • Ozobots - a simple device that uses different colour combinations to code
  • EV3 Lego Robots (latest version) - a specialised device that uses more complex computer coding and a range of different sensors including ultrasonic sensors, light fraction, colour detection, touch, sound, gyro and temperature. EV3 robots are used by Year 9 and 10 students for assessment in ICT
  • Bee Bots - used right across the Junior and Senior year levels for simple programming using simple sequences
  • Sphero robots - the College will soon be introducing 2 new Sphero robots that operate from an iPad and can be used by all Year levels. the Sphero robots have been acquired via the Woolworths Earn and Learn scheme